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Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building Project

Off-Grid Zero Emission Buildings


OGZEB Documentation:

    Meet the OGZEB Design Team

    The OGZEB team is a group of people from various engineering and architectural firms in Tallahassee that have donated their time and expertise to make the OGZEB. Without their help ESC would never have been able to get this project off the ground.

    Meet the OGZEBs Donors

    This group has donated several crucial systems and design concepts to the house. These companies have the foresight required to make the dream of this house a reality. Please visit their sites and learn more about how there technologies can help save you money and perserve our environment in the process.

ESC is excited to add the OGZEB to the ranks of our facilities providing a test bed for our technology in a manner that can not only test but also use. Two offices reside in the solar house can be operated day and night.