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Florida State

Hydrogen Based Energy Storage System

With the increasng utilization of solar and wind energy, comes a greater need to store the energy produced. Since PV panels convert the sun's radiation directly to electricity, solar panels are only practical when used with applications where there is an abundant amount of sunlight. Here at the Energy and Sustainability Center, research is currently being conducted to design and implement a hydrogen based energy storage system for the Off-Grid Zero Emissions Building. Once installed in the house, this energy storage system will provide power to the OGZEB during night-time hours or when the sun's radiation is at a minimum. The plan is to use the unused electricity from the house during the day to power an electrolyzer that will split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen thus produced will be stored in compressed tanks and when needed, will power a fuel cell stack providing energy for the house when the solar panels cannot. Since the only by-product of the hydrogen based energy storage system is water, this research will not only provide for one of the world's first hydrogen powered houses, but also serve as a model for a completely new and green way to power a home.